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Ballroom Beach Bash

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Ballroom Beach Bash

On Sunday morning just wander over to the park on the left of the hotel (stage left facing the water),- Volleyball net set up and lawn games starts at 9am, - Free Breakfast is served 9-11am,- Volleyball  tournament starts at around 9:30 a.m.It will start at a slow pace and build to a happy medium pace :)What is Trash Talk Volleyball? Volleyball with a softer ball, lower net and much respect earned for style and trash talk ability, (athleticism? talent? not so much). Starting team captains, Michael, Toni and Jonathan (more teams added as needed). Teams on a first come rotation allocation basis, everyone wanting to play will get on a team.Where?About a minutes walk around the left side of the Hotel (if you are facing the water) by the shade trees in the grassy park overlooking the water on the bayfront (see map below).
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